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Welcome To The Endor Blaster Section

The Endor blaster (sometimes referred to as the Pilot’s Pistol due to the figures it came with) was moulded in a few different shades of Blue and Grey for three different ROTJ figures and was also produced at the end of the line in Solid Black for two of the new POTF figures.

The Blue and Grey blasters can be found quite easily but the Black one is quite hard to obtain on its own because it was only released with two POTF figures and therefore exists in lower numbers.

Basic Endor Blaster Colour to Figure Guide

The Grey and Grey / Blue Endor Blaster was released with the following figures:

1, AT-ST Driver
2, Princess Leia Organa (combat poncho)
3, B-Wing Pilot

The Solid Black Endor Blaster was released with the following figures:

1, A-Wing Pilot
2, Imperial Gunner



Endor Blaster V1 - V4 Mould Comparison.


Endor Blaster Original V1


V1 - Grey.

Endor Blaster Original V2


V2 - Light Grey.

Endor Blaster Original V3


V3 - Grey with a hint of Blue.


V3 - Solid Black (POTF).


Endor Blaster Original V4


V4 - Light Grey.


V4 - Solid Black (POTF).


Endor Blaster Original V5

V5 Note: the appearance of a second indent on the one side of the handle and an EPM present on the upper section before the barrel. These features are very similar to the V4 Solid Black Endor Blaster shown above.


Endor Blaster REPRO V1


V1 - Cast in Light Grey Plastic.


V1 - Cast in Black Plastic.


V1 - Cast in Blue Plastic.

Endor Blaster REPRO V2

This repro comes from a set of six floating blasters (read more HERE). It mimics an original by floating when placed on water and rising back to the surface when submerged. The blaster is cast in a Rigid, Shiny, Black plastic with Excess Flashing.

Endor Blaster REPRO V3

This repro was discovered in late 2015. It has been cast in black plastic and has very poor mould definition compared to an original. The blaster will float when placed in water and sounds like an original when dropped.