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Welcome To The Pilot Blasters Section

The Pilot blaster was packaged with a total of three figures from the original vintage line: Cloud Car Pilot, Tie Fighter Pilot and Nien Nunb.
It was released in two standard colours: Grey and Black and has a number of mould and colour shade variations which have been catalogued on this page. Note: this Blaster was also issued with the Lili Ledy Jawa and was a solid Black colour with a unique Mould.

The Pilot Blaster Colour to Figure Guide

The Grey Pilot Blaster was released with the following figures:

1, Tie Fighter Pilot

2, Cloud Car Pilot

The Black Pilot Blaster was released with the following figures:

1, Nien Nunb

2, Jawa Lili Ledy Variant

Pilot Blaster Original V1 


V1 - Light Grey, Thin Tip.

Pilot Blaster Original V2


V2 - Light Grey, Thick Tip.

Pilot Blaster Original V3


V3 - Dark Grey, with Flush EPM, Thick Tip.


V3 - Dark Grey / Brown, with a Flush Ejector Pin Mark (EPM), Thick Tip.


Pilot Blaster Original V4


V4 - Black, No EPM.

Pilot Blaster Original V5


V5a - Black, with Flush EPM, Long Scope Point.


V5b - Black, with Raised EPM and Shorter Scope Point.

Pilot Blaster Original V6


V6 - Dark Grey / Brown, with Raised EPM. Thin Tip.



V6 - Black, with Raised EPM.


Pilot Blaster Original V7


V7 - Dark Grey / Brown, with Indented EPM, Thick Tip.

Pilot Blaster Original V8 - Lili Ledy


The Black Lili Ledy Pilot Blaster also came with the Lili Ledy Jawa.It can come with no letter stamped or with a letter (see circle below). We have identified the letters "L" and "I"


V8 - Lili Ledy Variant, with the Letter L.


Pilot Blaster REPRO V1

This Pilot Blaster REPRO is commonly found and was mass produced in Asia during the 1990s. All of these are cast in the relevant coloured plastic (not painted) and at first glance look a lot like the originals. However, a raised bump (shown in the picture below) ensures that they can be easily identified.


V1 - Cast in Grey.


V1 - Cast in Black.


V1 - Cast in Blue.