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Contents: 2-1B Mouth Attachments, 4-LOM Chest Armor, C-3PO Removable Limbs Net, Cloud Car Pilot Comm Link, Dagobah Backpack, Emperor Cane, Han Solo Carbonite Block, Hoth Backpack, Logray Shaman Pouch, Lumat Quiver, Survival Kit Gas Mask, Teebo Battle Horn, Ugnaught Tool Box, Warok Quiver, Yoda Cane, Yoda Snake.

2-1B Mouth Attachments

2-1B Original Mouth Attachments 

The 2-1B Mouth Attachment can be found with different numbers.

Number '1'. No EPM.

Number '2'. With EPM.

Number '3'. With EPM.

Number '4'. With EPM.

Number '7'. No EPM.

4-LOM Original Chest Armor V1

This V1 4-LOM Chest Armor has a serial number ending in a number '4'.

It can also be found with the number '3'.

It can also be found with the number '1' and multiple EPMs.

 It can also be found with the number '2' and multiple EPMs.


C-3PO Removable Limbs Lili Ledy Nets - Comparison between REPROs and ORIGINAL 


Characteristics of fake nets:

1, Smaller arm holes
2, The circular outside edge line on the arm hole is not smooth as it should be (seems hand cut)
3, Wrong material, too glossy (see fake1)
4, The rectangular inside cuts are hand made
5, The heat seal goes all the way to the top
6, Wrong heat seal mark


Original Lili Ledy C-3PO Removable Limbs Net

CCP Com Link Original V1 - V3 Comparison


CCP Com Link Original V1

Small Circles. Grey / Brown. EPM on reverse.


CCP Com Link Original V2

Medium Size Circles. Light Grey.


CCP Com Link Original V3 - Lili Ledy - Sub-version of V2

Circles like nipples. Dark Grey. Unique to the Lili Ledy Could Car Pilot.

Note: this V3 is actually a sub-version of the V2 mould. The appearance of nipples is thought to be due to it being removed too early from the V2 mould following casting. Because the plastic was not hardened enough it became deformed (nipples instead of circles). More information here:  THE LILI LEDY GUIDE & DISCUSSION THREAD PART 1 - Page 36



Cast in Light Grey.



Cast in Black.



Cast in Blue.



Large Circles. Grey.




This version is cast from metal, is painted, and sinks.

Dagobah Backpack

Dagobah Backpack Original



The Emperor Cane Original


The Emperor Cane REPRO V1

Painted REPRO. Mass Produced.

The Emperor Cane Repro V2

Unpainted plastic repro. Sinks in water.

Han Solo Carbonite Block Original


 Han Solo Carbonite Block REPRO V1 


Han Solo Carbonite Block REPRO V2

This repro is very brittle and easily breaks. There are white bubbles present in the moulding and the bottom edge has a 'grounded' type finish.




Hoth Backpack

Original Hoth Backpack

The Hoth Backpack was packaged alongside other accessories and was included in the Survival Kit and the Rebel Transport Vehicle.




Logray Shaman Pouch Original V1

The V1 Logray Pouch has EPMs located on the back of the pouch and strap.


Logray Shaman Pouch Original Top Toys Version V2

Issued with the Top Toys release Logray.


Logray Shaman Pouch V3

The V3 Logray Pouch has no EPMs.


Lumat Original Quiver


Survival Kit Gas Mask

Survival Kit Gas Mask Original


Teebo Battle Horn Original

Teebo Horns can come with a number of 'letter' combinations. Known letters so far are: 'A', 'B', 'C', 'F', 'G' and 'H'.

Teebo Battle Horn letter 'A'.

Teebo Battle Horn letter 'C'.

Teebo Battle Horn letter 'F'.

Teebo Battle Horn letter 'G'.

Teebo Battle Horn letter 'H'.

Teebo Battle Horn Letter 'B'.

Teebo Battle Horn Comparisons

Ugnaught Tool Box Original V1

Updated April 2016.

The V1 Tool Box floats when placed in water and will rise to the surface when submerged. The indented lines on the side panels are not as deep or as wide as the V2 version.The lower indented square is more 'rectangle-shaped' than the V2 as highlighted on the picture below.


Ugnaught Tool Box Original V2

The V2 Tool Box floats when placed in water and will rise to the surface when submerged. The indented lines on the side panels are deeper and wider than the V1 version. The lower indented square is more 'square-shaped' than the V1 as seen on the highlighted MOC example below.

65B - HT code.


Comparison pictures showing some of the differences between the V1 and V2 Ugnaught Tool Box.



Ugnaught's Tool Box REPRO V1

The V1 Repro is currrently under review while TIG awaits further evidence. If you have a suspected reproduction Ugnaught Tool Box please contact us.


Ugnaught's Tool Box REPRO V2

Cast in White Plastic (Not Painted). This repro SINKS when placed in water.


Warok Quiver Original (Not Painted)

Yoda Cane Original V1

A genuine Yoda Cane SINKS.
Note: when first placed on the surface of water it will float ... however, the cane always SINKS when submerged or pressure is applied.


 Yoda Cane Original V2 Top Toys version


Yoda Cane REPRO V1

Painted Brown.


Yoda's Cane REPRO V2

Cast in Dark Brown and Darker Brown plastic.


Yoda Cane REPRO V4

This repro comes in different colours and first appeared on the market in November 2014. It comes from Mexico and is made from resin. The cane sounds like an original during the drop test and fails the float test by sinking when placed in water (note; original Yoda canes also sink). When new, these canes will be very flexible but will harden with age and may even break into pieces under pressure.


Yoda Orange Snake Original V1


Yoda Orange Snake - ORIGINAL versus REPRO

In the picture below the REPRO orange snake is cast from Orange Plastic and is virtually identical to its original counterpart.

Note: the genuine orange snake will SINK when placed into water. This REPRO will FLOAT. There also appears to be a more sharp definition to the eyes and scales of this repro compared to the original, as well as a slight difference in colour.


Yoda Lighter Orange Snake Original V2

The V2 is a lighter orange colour.



Comparison of V2 lighter orange snake (left) with a V1 orange (right).


Yoda Dark Brown Snake Original V3

The darker brown Yoda snake is made from a more flexible/soft material than the orange snakes. It will sink when placed in water. 


Yoda Lighter Brown Snake Original V4

The lighter brown Yoda snake is also made from a flexible/soft material and will sink in water.


Yoda Snake Original V5 Top Toys version




Yoda "Green" Snake 

Not a true variant. TIG believes the 'Green" Yoda Snake to be nothing more than degradation as the plastic of the Brown Yoda Snake slowly turns "Green".


The missing link. A Brown Snake turning "Green".


Colour comparison including the degraded "Green" Yoda Snake.



Yoda Snake REPRO V1

Cast in Dark Grey Metal and Painted Brown. Much heavier than originals.