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Welcome to the Stickers and Decals section

Many collectors will already be aware of the vast amount of repro stickers that have been available for some time now - vehicles, play-sets and R2-D2 / R5-D4 being the most common items. It seems that almost every vintage item is now catered for; from the Death Star to the X-Wing to Collector's Cases to PDT-8 mini-rigs right down to an Ewok Village fireplace!

The repro stickers available are scanned from original sheets and turned into 'cut-out-yourself' efforts. Originals are always peeled away from their backing paper. 

In this section we'll revisit some of these repros as well as taking a look at some of the repro stickers and decals that are less known.

Die Cut Repro Stickers for the Droid Action Figures

Repro stickers for R2-D2 and R5-D4 have been available for some time. These stickers for the droids were spotted on eBay, July 2014.


R2-D2 REPRO Body Sticker.


Close Up pics of printed design.




R2-D2 (Droids version) REPRO Sticker.


R5-D4 REPRO body Sticker.


Power Droid REPRO Stickers - face and white body strip.


Seller's photo showing the application of the two REPRO stickers on a Power Droid figure.

Chewbacca Bandolier Repro Stickers


Han Solo Laser Pistol Repro Stickers

C-3PO Collector's Case Repro Stickers


Darth Vader ESB Collector's Case Repro Stickers

Sonic Landspeeder Remote Control Repro Sticker


Repro Shelf Talkers

Kenner Landspeeder Repro Decals

Millenium Falcon Repro Decals

Kenner X-Wing Fighter Repro Decals including Battle-damage

Ewok Village Repro Fireplace Sticker